Unit 1

Part II Text A


Parts    Paragraphs    Main Ideas

Part One   Paras 1-2      Introduction — Both Napoleon's andHitler's military campaigns failed because of the severity of the Russianwinter.

Part Two   Paras3-11     Napoleon's military campaignagainst Russia

Part Three  Paras12-20    Hitler's military campaignagainst the Soviet Union

Part Four   Para 21      Conclusion—the elements of nature must be rekoned with in any militarycampaign.


Sections   Paragraphs     Main Ideas

SectionOne  Paras 12-13   Hitler's blitzkrieg against Russia andStalin's scorched earth policy

SectionTwo  Paras 14-18   the battles fought at Leningrad,Moscow and StalingradSection Three Paras 19-20 the Russian counter-offensive and the outcome of thewar


I. 1. 1) alliance                   2)at the cost of

3) stroke                     4) limp

5) minus                      6) regions

7)declarations               8) siege

9) raw                        10) bide his time

11) have takentheir toll     12) in the case of

2. 1) is facedwith                 2) get bogged down

3) is pressingon / pressed on   4) drag on

5) get by                        6) dine out

7) have cutback                 8) get through

3. 1) The rapid advance in genetherapy may lead to the conquest of cancer in the near future.

2)Production inmany factories has been brought to a halt by the delayed arrival of rawmaterials due to the dock workers’ strike

3)Sara has madeup her mind that her leisure interests will/should never get in the way of hercareer.

4) Obviously the reporter's question caughtthe foreign minister off guard.

5)Theintroduction of the electronic calculator has rendered the slide rule out ofdate /obso lete.

4.1) Beingfaced with an enemy forces much superior to ours, we had to give up the occupationof big cities and retreat to the rural and mountainous          regions to build upourbases.

2) Unity is crucial to the efficientoperation of an organization. Failure to reckon with this problemwill weaken its strength. In many cases,work may be brought to a haltbyconstant internal struggle in an organization.

3) The Red Army fought a heroic battleat Stalingrad and won the decisive victoryagainst the Germans. In fact, this battle turned the tide in the SecondWorld War. During this famous battle, the Soviet troops withstood the German siegeand weakened the German army by launching a series ofcounterattacks.

II.More Synonyms in Context

1) During the First World War, battlesoccurred here and there over vast areas. Some of the most dramatic fighting took place inthe gloomy trenches of France and Belgium.

2) Elizabeth made careful preparations for theinterview and her efforts / homeworkpaid off.

3) I spent hours trying to talk himinto accepting the settlement, but he turned a deaf ear to all my words.

4) Pneumonia had severely weakened herbody, and I wondered how her fragilebody could withstand the harsh weather.

III. Usage

1) But often it is not until we fall illthat wefinally learn to appreciate good health.

2) A rich old lady lay dead at home for two weeks—and nobody knew anythingabout it.

3) It's saidhe dropped dead from a heart attackwhen he was at work

4) Don't sit too close to the fire to keepwarm—you could easily get burned, especially if you fall asleep.

5) In thosedays people believed in marryingyoung and having children early.

6) Little Tomwas unable to sit still for longerthan a few minutes.

Comprehensive Exercises

I. Cloze


1. invasion      2. stand in the way

3. Conquest      4. catching... off his guard

5. launching     6. declaration

7. campaign      8. drag on

9. reckon with   10. bringing...to a halt


1. allow          2.reckoned

3. highly         4.forecasts

5. rapidly        6.instant

7. delivery       8.advantage

9. observing      10.Powerful

II. Translation

1. Mr. Dohertyand his family are currently engaged in getting the autumnharvest in on the farm.

2. We must notunderestimate the enemy. They are equipped with the mostsophisticated weapons.

3. Having beencut of a job/Not having had a job for 3months, Phil is getting increasingly desperate.

4. Sam, as theproject manager, is decisive, efficient, and accurate in his judgment.

5. Since thechemical plant was identified as the source of solution, the villageneighborhood committee decided to close it down at the cost of 100 jobs.



The offensivehad already lasted three days, but we had not gained much ground. Our troopsengaging the enemy at the front were faced with strong/fierce/stiff resistance.The division commander instructed our battalion to get around to the rear ofthe enemy and launch a surprise attack. To do so, however, we had to cross amarshland and many of us were afraid we might get bogged down in the mud. Ourbattalion commander decided to take a

gamble. We started under cover of darkness and pressed onin spite of great difficulties. By a stroke of luck, the temperature at nightsuddenly dropped to minus 20 degrees Celsius and the marsh froze over. Thanksto the cold weather, we arrived at our destination before dawn and beganattacking the enemy from the rear. This turned the tide of the battle. Theenemy, caught off guard, soon surrendered.







Unit 2Text A


I. 1. 1) expansion     2) automated     3) vapor     4) take control of        5) hazards       6) satellite     7) vibrated  8) magnetic              9) bunched       10) in the air   11) got/was stuckin


2. 1) sendout      2) stand up for   3) pass for  4) were closing in on

5) startingup   6) went through   7) fill out  8) fall into

3. 1)…incorporates all the latest safety features

2) …two treesten feet apart

3) … awardinglucrative contracts to his construction site

4) … the prototype of a new modelbefore they set up a factory to make the cars.

5) … arecorrelated in all racial groups

4.1) theapplication, remote, has turned into a reality, are poised to

2) thatvibrate, can detect, frequency

3) lanes, aremounted in, alert a, hazard

II. WordFormation

Clipped Words Blends

Kilo  kilogram            Medicare       medical care

Memo  memorandum          email          electronic mail

gym   gymnasium           comsat         communications satellite

lib   liberation          newscast       news broadcast

doc   doctor              skyjack        sky hijack

vet   veterinarian        Eurodollar     European dollar

prep  preparatory         brunch         breakfast and lunch

auto  automobile          telecast       television broadcast

flu   influenza           Oxbridge       Oxfordand Cambridge

III. 1. swimming pool    2. drawing board    3. enriched Middle English       4. disturbing change    5. fully developed prototype     6.Canned foods  7. working population    8. puzzling differences ComprehensiveExercises

I. Cloze


1)computerized    2) start up    3) be poised to    4) alert      5)hazards  6) monotonous    7) take control of    8) steer     9) lane     10) decrease  11) calculate    12) eliminate     13) getting stuck in        14) mounted  15) detect       16) vapor


1) generates       2)related       3) revolutionized         4) enabled                5) opportunities   6) overall        7) manufacturing         8) dependent 9) interact        10) fatalities



1) There was an unusual quietness inthe air, except for the sound of artillery in the distance.

2) The expansion of urban areas insome African countries has been causing a significant fall in living standardsand an increase in social problem.

3) The research shows that atmosphericcarbon dioxide levels are closely correlated with global temperatures.

4) The frequency of the bus servicehas been improved from 15 to 12 minutes recently

5) The diver stood on the edge of thediving board, poised to jump at the signal from the coach.


Automobileshave, since their invention, revolutionized transportation, changing foreverthe way people live, travel, and do business. On the other hand, they havebrought hazards, especially highway fatalities. However, today

the application of computer technology and electronicsensors in designing and manufacturing cars makes it possible to eliminate mostof traffic accidents. For example, electronic sensors mounted in your car candetect alcohol vapor in the air and refuse to start up the engine. They canalso monitor road conditions by receiving radio signals sent out from orbitingsatellites and greatly reduce your chances of getting stuck in traffic jams.







Unit 3  Text A


1. He runs amanufacturing company.

2. Almost allof them were no.

3. This applicant was ill prepared forthe job he was applying for and therefore ill qualified.

4. Prepare towin.

5. They nowhave to switch jobs frequently.

6. A 90-year-old tennis player whowanted to work on his weakness -- backhand court.

7. Believingin yourself, even when no one else does.

8. Because hewill mention a cab driver who is different.

9. His effortsto make a difference.

10.He was offered a ride on a day whenMinnesota washit with one of the worst snowstorms in years and the international airportthere was closed for the first time in decades.

11. Because there were no tracks leftin the snow, which means he was the first person to take off from there.

12 Carlson was excited about beingfirst, which is exactly what the writer recommends to job applicants. 



Parts         Paragraphs        Main Ideas 

Part One       Paras 1- 6        An ill-prepared college graduate failedhis interview. 

Part Two       Paras 7-27        Four pieces of advice on being asuccessful interviewee.

Part Three    Paras 28-31       Make your owntracks in whatever you do.


Suggestions                                       Examples

1) Prepare to win.                                1) Michael Jordan

2) Never stoplearning.                           2) a90-year-old tennis player

3) Believe inyourself,even when no one else does   3)the four-minute mile, the New York Marathon and the  Vietnam veteran.

4) Find a way to make a difference.                 4) a New York cabdriver. 

Language SenseEnhancement


(1) checked with    (2) interview    (3) grill       (4) clippings

(5) be right for    (6) follow up    (7) indicating (8)hand-delivered

(9) prepared        (10) prospective 

Language Focus

I. 1.

1) rude          2) physically       3)structure        4) made a difference 5)blurted (out)  6) chuckling        7) measurable      8) prospective        9) preparations   10) sparkled        11) took a crack at   12) partner


1) go after      2)look back at/on     3) be put up         4) stood for        5) build in      6) follow up           7) be hooked up to   8) closed up


1) grilled her about where she had been all night

2) beyondCinderella's wildest dreams that she could one day dance in the King’s palace

3) will be in readers’ hands soon

4) do your homework before going on an interview.

5) was in the neighborhood of 150 dollars. 


1)applicants,veteran,the prospective

2)From hisstandpoint,has made every endeavor to go after

3) as the saying goes, to have a crack at, barely

II. Words withMultiple Meanings

1. behave    2.used to avoid repetition    3. Clean   4. get along

5.perform/complete     6. perform/complete    7. study    8. be enough    9. be acceptable  

III. Usage

1. There is somuch to say and it is hard to know where to begin. OK, I’ll talk about myselffirst.

2. Thank youvery much, John, for your beautiful Christmas card. By the way, I havesomething here for you.

3. The newcomputer language can be quite easily understood by anyone who can read thedaily newspaper. Now, why is this an advantage?

4. I’m goingto work out the outline and will let you know how it goes. By the way, I willsee you in February, as I plan to attend your seminar in Shanghai.

5. OK, you gotthe job. Now, how to maximize your profits with as little effort as possible?

6. Chris isback from Australia.Incidentally, those pictures you sent me are wonderful.  


I. Cloze


(1) prospective    (2) As I see it    (3) done your homework    (4) beforehand

(5) endeavor    (6)structure    (7) partners   (8)Respond   (9) take a crack

(10) from the standpoint    (11) make a difference    (12) follow up


(1) encouraging    (2) inquiry    (3) relevant    (4) samples

(5) references     (6)advice     (7) preparing   (8) seriously

(9) probably       (10) exhibit



1) Despite theinadequate length of the airstrip in this emergency landing, the veteran pilotmanaged to stop the plane after taxiing for only a short while.

2) Grilled bythe reporters, the movie star eventually blurted (out) that she had undergonetwo plastic surgeries.

3) We have thetechnology and our partner has the capital. Working together, we’ll have thefuture in our hands.

4) If I hadknown beforehand that you would bring so many friends home, I would have madebetter preparations. You see, I have barely enough food and drinks for a snack.

5) People gavegenerously upon learning that new school rooms with stronger structures were tobe built in the earthquake-stricken area.


     Well begun, half done, as the saying goes.It is extremely important for a job applicant to do his homework while seekingemployment. From my standpoint, whether or not one has done his homeworkclearly makes a differences in his chance of success.

I have afriend who is earning somewhere in the neighborhood of 100,000 dollars a yearsin a large computer software company. He told me that from his own experiencethe decision makers who interview prospective employees like people who arewell prepared. Those who make no endeavor to learn as much about hisprospective employer as possible don't have much of a chance of success.  





Unit 4

Text A

Text rganization 1.




Main Ideas

Part One

Paras 1-3

Introduction to Davos Man and the World Economic Forum

Part Two

Paras 4-5

Debate over the impact of globalization on current society and culture

Part Three ppppPTThreeThree

Paras 6-8

History of globalization and its recent trends and future prospects

Part Four

Paras. 9-11

Globalization versus nationalism and the challenges it faces



                     Main Events

1.      Davos man spends a lot of time in places other than his native country.

2.      Davos Man sees their identity as a mater of personal choice, not an accident of birth.

3.      Davos Man believes that globalization, the unimpeded flows of capital, labor and technology across national borders, is both welcome and unstoppable.

4.      Davos Man sees the world increasingly as one vast, interconnected market-place in which corporations search for the most advantageous locations to buy, produce and sell their goods and services.



1) advantageous                2) let alone 

3) witnessing/vanishing   4) landmark

5) entitled               6) displace

7) Establishment         8) patriotic/strengthen

9) contradictions         10) aspires

11) divorced              12) pendulums


2.  1)come to             2) dozed off

3) believed in          4) was set apart

5) take in                                               6) sucks in

7) clean up                                      8)turn away


1) For me, it makesno/little difference whether we go there by train or by bus.

2)Toyata has overtakenGeneral Motors as the world’s biggest car maker.               

3)Shortly after their marriage, Mr.Chambers was at odds with his wife over money matters.                    

4)Henry has been at the forefrontof nanotechnology research.                            

5)She doesn’t even know how to boilpotatoes, let alone cook a meal.                        

5.      a) isincreasingly/to accelerate/their investment

b)economy/make an earnest/domestic/strike a balance between

c) a handfulof/be endorsed by/on a large scale

II. WordFormation


World Trade Organization



Gross domestic product



Automated teller machine



Value-added tax



Computer-aided design



Information technology



International direct dialing



Music television



Radio detecting and ranging



International Olympic Committee



Very important person



Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation



Central processing unit






III. Usage

1.        An unusual present, a book onethics, was given to Henry for his birthday.

2.        The reason(he gave) that he didn’tnotice the car till too late was unsatisfactory.

3.        Football, his only interest inlife, has brought him many friends.

4.   Cloning had been raised as apossibility decades ago, then dismissed, something that serious scientiststhought was simply not going to happen anytime soon.


Comprehensive Exercises

I. Cloze

2. networking

4. growth

6. facilitate

8. outlook

10. patriotic

12. strike a balance


1. academics       

3.a variety of

5. vanish

7. endorsing

9. sweeping aside

11. erasing



1. aided



4. connected

5. invested

6. features

7. prevailing

8. qualitatively

9. volume

10. Distinguishing

II. Translation

1.) Due to his pessimistic outlook on the European economy, John hasmoved his assets from Europe to elsewhere.

2)  I like hiring young people. They are earnestlearners and committed to work.

               3)  Unlike her girl friends who centertheir lives on their children, Mary cares more about her personal growth.

               4) Why is it that a considerablenumber of colleagues are at odds with you?

               5) The Chinese government hasintroduced a variety of policies to strengthen cooperation withdeveloping countries.


Globalizationhas great implications for young Chinese. For example, young farmers are movingon a large scale to urban areas to look for jobs. And for those youngpeople who aspire to study abroad or work in foreign-investedenterprises, English has become increasingly important. At the sametime, a considerable number of overseas Chinese students have returnedhome in recent years, for they hold an optimistic outlook for thelong-term growth of the Chinese economy. The internet has strengthenedthe links between Chinese young people and those elsewhere. They followthe latest trend and copy foreign fashions. Some of them don’t seem to care fortraditional Chinese virtues, let alone carry them forward, which hasgiven rise to worries that the traditional Chinese culture might one dayvanish.




Unit 5 TextA

oganization 1.




Main Ideas

Part One

Paras 1

It is no easy to judge people, for they aren’t always what they appear to be

Part Two

Paras 2-3

Kind and gentle, Edward Burton, a wealthy merchant, appeared as if he could not bear to hurt a fly.

Part Three

Paras 4-51

History of globalization and its recent trends and future prospects








Main Ideas

section One

Paras 4-16

What Edward knew about Lenny

section Two

Paras 17-31

How Edward responded to Lenny’s request

section Three

Paras 32-51

How Edward, a “kind” gentleman, handled a friend in desperate need of help




1) In a way         2) in accordance     3)vacancy     4) in good condition     5) transparent        6) rub             7) spicy        8) hitherto

9) with (a) bad grace 10) instinct         11)pawned     12) current


1) turned up     2)will stick to     3) brought back     4)go about

5) driving at    6) put away     7) over     8) took aback


1) has a very weak constitution --- she may not be ableto survive the operation.

2) was taken aback by the insurance company’s rejectionof my compensation claim

3) was something of a surprise when we ran into eachother in a place like that.

4) needs trimming/ to be trimmed ---it’s getting toolong.

5) are often seceptive


1) Oddly enough /went broke /wrinkled / he had gone allto pieces

2) definite / is capable of /her vanity

3) too mild / sipping / stroke

II. Usage

1. Except for    2. except that     3. except        4. except when

5. except to     6. except what    7. exceptwhere   8. except that



























staff (of a university)



first floor

ground floor



gas, gasoline

















tube, underground

practice (v.)









tyre (on a car)



I.                  Cloze


1). insane    2).current     3). candid     4). capable     5). was taken aback

6). in good condition    7). constitution     8). go all to pieces                9). Gone broke   10). vacancy     11). mild     12). deceptive


1).suspected     2). pleading     3). confirmed     4)stunned    

5) lucrative  6). jewellery     7). wealthy      8). urge          9). spell       10). arrested


II.               Translation


1)      I have an instinct that Henry will seek to jointhe expedition, because he is somethingof an adventurer.

2)      He is capable of sticking to the task athand, even if he is exposed to noises.

3)      The trademarkwas registered in accordance withthe laws hitherto in force.

4)      Oddly enough, many people volunteered to help organize the meeting,but only a few turned up.

5)      The teacher’s affectionate words, along with his candid comments, changed the way Mikeperceived the society and himself.


For my ownpart, I find thatappearances are all too often deceptive.For instance, you might be wrong if you judged by appearances only people likeEdward Hyde Burton. In appearance, he seemed a man all of a piece. He was a tiny little fellow with white hair and mild blue eyes, gentle and candid. Nevertheless, he turned out tobe very cruel. He insulted and fooled Lenny who was down and out and made him commit himself to an insane venture. What was still more surprising was that he wascompletely indifferent to Lenny’s death. Without doubt, Burton was a man with a heart of stone.


Key to Unit6,Book4 “The Pace of Life”

Vocabulary 1


1) appliances      2) comparative    3) multiply    4)distribution

5) prosperity       6) decorate   7) famine      8) largequantities of/ a large quantity of

9) streamline       10) fax   11)pointed the way to      12) bewildered

Vocabulary 2


1) eat into    2) cling to

3) stand out/stood out     4) wears away

5) set about 6) switch off

7) will beturned loose     8) poured in


Vocabulary 3

is forecast tobe below average next year, which at the moment is 4 percent.

to enter thebuilding and find the baby girl proved futile as rescuers were driven out bythe heat and flames.

was urged todivert some of its attention from expanding production and get more involvedwith issues of market demand.

can really eatheavily into your profits when you are selling suits at £900 and dresses at £2,000.

has toiledendlessly over the exercise machine for the last twenty years in order to keepher body in shape.


Vocabulary 4

reaction to;discontent; provoked

convention;evading tax; the confines of

a burden; arealways on the go/ seem forever on the go; to cope


II. ConfusableWords

1. 1)nervousness    2) tension     3) stress; stress   4) tension

2. 1)honorary  2) Honorable   3) honorable     4) honorary    5)honorable   6) Honorary


III. Usage

Dealing withthe extinction crisis is no simple matter. Is it sensible, we may ask, to spendlarge sums of money to save some species – be it an elephant or an orchid – ina nation in which a large proportion of the population is living below thepoverty line?

This newtechnology could be used anywhere large numbers of people need to be quicklyscreened --- at airports, train stations, bus terminals or border crossings.However, experts suspect, there is also the risk that people will learn to foolthe machine the same way they try to fool polygraph readings by controllingtheir breath or taking drugs to relax themselves.

With a highpercentage of marriages ending in divorce, often due to financial difficulties,you would say that money is a big factor in making a good marriage. But,believe it or not, it isn’t money that ensures you a happy marriage; it is yourphilosophy of life that does.

Not all therisks on the Internet are sexual, you know. Sites promoting violence are just aclick away, and may include instructions for making bombs and other destructivedevices.



1) switch off      2) obliged     3)on the go  4) cope

5) shortage  6) large quantity of    7) pouring in 8) by nature

9) fraction   10) futile            



1) advantage      2) wisely       3)faithfully

4) waking    5) includes    6)schedule

7) sticking   8) priorities   9)set

10) respect         



They areexploring the new frontiers of medical science in an attempt to find remediesfor incurable diseases/ cures for diseases that are beyond remedy so far.

Her uniqueteaching methods apart, Ms Wilson, my math teacher, never tried to cramknowledge into my head.

The regularweather forecast by the Central TV Station keeps us up with the changes of weatherwherever we go on a trip.

The appallingexplosion started a big fire and caused the partial collapse of the building.

In the modernworld, there are more ways than ever to waste away time, and all kinds ofdistractions are eating into our precious time.


Today we areunder constant pressure to work longer hours, to produce more, and to possessmore. Lots of people hold the wrong perception that happiness lies in workinghard and earning well/ good money.

Many womentoday feel the same stress to work and get ahead and, at the same time, tonurture their offspring and shoulder the burden of domestic responsibilities.

Research showsthat workaholism tends to distance us from our immediate families. It forces usto toil longer and longer hours, leaving a minute fraction of our time to bephysically and emotionally available to our loved ones. Intimacy among familymembers is doomed to die in the process.





Unit 7 TextA



1)  1. divined         2. nerves              3. solidarity         4. sacred; mourn         5. coated

6.perish             7. hijack        8. grief                 9.farewell                  10. take revengeon      11. revolves        12. denounced

2)  1. drop… off                  2.applied for                     3. wentoff                 4. are gaining on

    5. bring down          6. blottedout                    7. think back on         8. picking at

3)  1. brought down the American housing market in 2008

        2. what will happen after his son steps intohis shoes?

    3. not in the mood to go out

    4. long before the market began to show signs of weakness

        5. mourn the loss of the tranquil life we hadin the countryside  

4)   1.in the aftermath of; to blot our; the tragic

       2.armed; at dust; accomplices; explosives

       3.in the space of; no illusion

II. Collocation:

1. a little of                2. a few; most of // many of                   3. much                      4. few

5. many                      6. many of                                       7.much of                  8. little

9. few of                           10. Some


1.     Asthe boy grew older

2.     shesings as beautifully as a nightingale // sings like a nightingale

3.     theydon’t see themselves as servants of the people

4.     Asshe had left her key in the office

5.     Justdo as you are told

6.     Areasonce regarded as rural

7.     asthey do in China

8.     Ashe was brave and loyal as well

Comprehensive Exercises:

I.                  Cloze

1) Text-related

    1. mood               2. tragic               3.in the (immediate) aftermath of         4.chaos

    5. toppling           6. solidarity         7. take revenge on                    8.thinking back on

9. mourning        10. perished        

2) Theme-related

1. crashed            2.horrible            3. harsh                4. protect             5. remove

6. utterly                     7.truly                 8.justify                     9. rewarded  10.devastating

II.               Translation


1.     Somehigh-ranking officers of the armed forces started a coup, toppling thegovernment and throwing the country into chaos.

2.     Thefalling market shattered the illusion about getting rich quickly

3.     Thinkingback on the history of World War II, we can see that the formation of theAllies was the natural product of the development of political and militarycircumstances then.

4.     Paulfelt stung when Jim called him a religious fanatic. But as he was in no moodfor q quarrel//not in a quarreling mood, he simply pretended not to hear it.

5.     Peoplesay that time heals all wounds. But for those who have lost their loved ones inthe event, will time fill up the void in their hearts?



Today, long after the earthquakeshook // hit my tome-town, I can still recall, in crystal detail, what I saw asI ran out of my home with my parents. The building just across the streettoppled right before our eyes, debris flew everywhere and a cloud of chokingdust blotted out the sun. Horror-stricken people ran in all directions, cryingand screaming.

Now, many years after that tragicevent, a new town has risen on the wreckage of the old one. In the town square,a memorial has been build to remember those killed in the disaster. It seemsthe wounds in people’s hearts have healed, but the memory will linger.


Unit 8  Go Traveling

Part II Text A

Text Organization




Main Ideas

Part One

Paras 1-5

Description of the Napo River and surrounding jungle scen­ery at night, together with the author's reflections on it.

Part Two

Paras 6-8

Recalling what happened to her at their arrival at the village and what others felt about the Napo River and the people there.

Part Three

Paras 9-18

Detailed description of journeying in the jungle and her feel­ings about it


1) Birds, insectsand animals of all descriptions

2) The sweet air

3) Variouskinds of trees and other plants

4) Riverabundant in fish

5) Littlegirls who liked to play with the writer's hair

6) Childrensinging lovely songs

7) Treatingguests with wonderful foods

8) Peopleand nature in harmony





1) heap

2) was smeared


4) dissolve


6) out of the way


8) tangle

9) get his hands on

10) opaque

11) at the edge of, illumined

12) hop



1) take ... apart                                                  2)result from

3) run out of                                                      4)feed on

5) come forward                                                6)woke up

7) focused on                                                     8)settled over



1) Afterreading the book Little Women, Mary was dying to see the movie based onit.

2) Street noises do not penetrate to the20th floor of our office building because as a rule, the sheer distance mutesall sound from the ground.

3) You will inevitably lose sight of theoverall objective if you fuss too much over details.

4) Backat home from his long journey, Tom slumped into an armchair, (feeling)completely exhausted.

5) Dorothy Parker, an American poet andshort-story writer, was reputed to be the wittiest woman of her time.



1)Thousands of people swarmed to the East Lake yesterday to watch thespectacular boat race between the world champions who paddled theirboats like mad.

2) TheSmiths live in the heart of a large forest, which is out of the rangeof all the noise of modern cities. The house itself, the ivy trailingover the stone walls and the swans gliding in the lake nearby allmake for an ideal place for anyone to live in.

3) Day afterday he came to the narrow strip of beach, watching the heavingwaves of the sea slap angrily at the rocks of the shore.


IIConfusable Words


1) worth

2) worthy

3) worthwhile

4) worth, worth

5) worthwhile

6) worthy



1) lone

2) alone

3) alone

4) lonely

5) lonely

6) alone


III. Usage

1.     icecream

2.     teas

3.     wines

4.     cloth

5.     soap

6.     beer

7.     fuels

8.     soild

9.     sugars

10. grass


Comprehensive Exercises

I.      Cloze


1)   are dying to

2)   in the heart of

3)   tangled

4)   paddles

5)   loop

6)   out of sight

7)   in flocks

8)   hopping

9)   gliding

10) opaque

11) thrashing

12) darting

13) swarms




1)    running

2)    fancy

3)    incorporate

4)    exploring

5)    guide

6)    adventure

7)    rarely

8)    diverse

9)    survive

10) lucky


II Translation

1)   Janet was just the kind of girl Mike knew he couldtrust, so he bared his heart to her on their first date.

2)    Atfirst the girls played on the fringeof the dark forest, now laughing, now screaming, but before long theywere out of sight.

3)    Themoment the football players disembarkedfrom the plane, they saw a fleet ofcars waiting for their arrival.

4)    Carsoncondemned his opponent for using misleading information to smear his character.

5)    Alexgave the policeman a wallet stuffed withbanknotes. He said he had found it on the curb when he hopped off his school bus.


Last Wednesday my classmate Caroline and I visited Zhouzhuang, awell-known town looped all around bystreams. When we arrived at the town, Caroline was so excited that she darted towards the first bridge she saw and begansinging loudly there. Suddenly her voice hushed when she found that she had startled a flock ofducks not too far from us. Now as Caroline was dying fora boat ride, we decided to tour the town by boat. Now loud, nowsoft, Caroline talked to all the creaturesin the stream and was fussing about everything while I looked at theboats gliding over the water in all silence. Though we did notsee anything spectacular, we enjoyed every minute in the town that lies out of the range of thehea vy traffic and noise of the large city.

Zhouzhuangis worth visiting and, time permitting, I'd like to go there again.